Follow these simple steps to embed Olvy on your website.

Copy the below embed script, and paste it before the end of the body tag in your HTML code. This code attaches to any element with the ID olvy-trigger such that your releases pop-up whenever the element is clicked.

  var OlvyConfig = {
    organisation: "releases",
    target: "#olvy-trigger",
    type: "modal",
    view: {
      showSearch: false,
      compact: false,
      showUnreadIndicator: true,
      unreadIndicatorColor: "#cc1919",
      unreadIndicatorPosition: "top-right"
<script type="text/javascript" src="" defer="defer"></script>

You can also add the below HTML code as an example of a button that opens your release widget,

<button id="olvy-trigger">
  What's New